New Web API for FastTrack Data!
FastTrack's dividend adjusted data has become more mobile.

Utilizing the latest cloud and web service technology, FT Lightning eliminates the need for a client side FastTrack database and now makes distributing FastTrack's dividend adjusted fund, ETF, and stock data easier than ever.
  • Cloud based architecture brings applications fast installation times and automatically updating data to enhanced end user experience.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing Excel Macros & .NET Projects
  • New user enrollment is instant enrollment and 100% web based.
  • Redistribution licensing available to power web based applications and spreadsheets
  • Detailed documentation and example code
  • New pricing plans and subscription profit sharing bring more flexibility to developers.
FT Cloud, the flagship product build with FT Lightning.
Why Use FT Lightning?
Trusted Data
Investors FastTrack is the most trusted source of dividend adjusted daily fund, ETF, stock, and index prices. Thousands of money managers, individuals and businesses trust and depend on Investors FastTrack’s data to select the best mutual funds and ETFs.
FT Lightning offers access to FastTrack's award winning data via an easy to use, fully documented API. FT Lightning allows data users and developers to build upon and extend applications in new, creative and versatile ways.

The API offers access to the 25,000+ dividend adjusted mutual fund, ETF and stock databases, as well as a numerous statistical and technical indicators.
The API is fully documented with examples and tips to allow easy transformation of existing applications or creation of new ones.

Users can utilize the API to create proprietary charts or leverage FT Lightning's easy to use chart generator to easily and quickly add png chart images to any application.